Driving Safely in the Snow

December 19, 2014

Snow fall can be very beautiful and wondrous. I have to agree with the term used by Richard B. Smith in 1934 when he describes it as a “winter wonderland.” Although it is breathtaking, it’s also very dangerous weather to try to drive in. We know your primary concern is keeping you and your family safe this winter season, and we have a few ways to help you do it better than ever!


The first thing you need to do is:

Remember to Plan Ahead!

You’ll need to drive slower than usual, which means you’re going to need to plan ahead so that you still have enough time to reach your desired destination on time. Rushing in inclement weather only increases your chances of losing control. For example, but set your alarm a little earlier in the morning, and set appointments a little later if possible so that you can more than enough time to get where you need to go. With a little planning, you’ll stay safe and even keep your job!

Know how well you can stop.

Do you have anti-lock brakes? How quickly can you stop? How good are your tires? How new are they? What does it feel like if and when your brakes lock up?

Slow down!

It’s important to maintain complete control over your vehicle in adverse weather conditions, and going at least five under the posted speed limit (depending on the severity of the storm) can decrease the likelihood that you’ll get into an accident. This is an important tip to remember even if you feel that you’re an experienced driver. This is because there are others on the roads that aren’t being as careful, and they will be able to benefit from your caution.

Get snow tires.

Getting tires especially suited for bad weather will aid you in getting good traction and getting through the snow. You can take them off in time for summer and use them next year too!

Be careful with hills.

Whether you’re going up a hill or down a hill, everything changes when you’re in the snow. If you’re going up a hill, don’t stop if you can help it. If you stop on an icy or snow covered hill, you may never get going again. There’s also the possibility of sliding down the hill backwards, which can be difficult and dangerous. The weight of your car can carry you downhill at dangerous speeds if you’re not weary. While going down a hill, take your cue from the tortoise, slow and steady wins the race. Or you could be like the hare, but fast and arrogant could lead you into a trash heap somewhere down below.

Driving 1

Practice makes perfect!

Driving on snowy and icy roads can be difficult and challenging. You need to know how your car handles in really bad conditions. Beyond that, you need to know how you handle in such conditions. Go to a supermarket, school, or church parking lot when it’s not in use and practice speeding up and slowing down to get a feel for the handling. Take tight turns, and see what it feels like to slide, and learn how to correct yourself when that happens. Try doing a couple of donuts, but make sure you stay safe and away from any sidewalks, people, buildings, lamp posts, etc…

Driving safe should be made a priority this winter! For more ideas and for all your car care needs, see the specialists!

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