Tire Rotation in Utah

December 30, 2014

While driving your vehicle, keeping control and remaining safe is one of your top priorities. This cannot be accomplished, however, if your tires are unevenly worn. Tires do not in fact wear evenly, seeing how the weight distribution on any given vehicle is never equally distributed on all four tires. There are many different benefits to rotating your tires, including but not limited to: maintaining better gas mileage, avoiding unpredictable maneuvering while making sudden stops or sharp turns, and extending the life of your tires. Some questions may arise, such as: What’s the best way to rotate your tires? How much should it cost? How frequently should you rotate your tires?

How should you rotate your tires?

There are many options when deciding the best way to rotate your tires. You can do it yourself if you have a jack along with a simple jack stand. For front-wheel drive vehicles the x- pattern is an effective rotation option, but another great alternative is the forward cross. The x-pattern crisscrosses all four tires, bringing the front to the back, and the back to front, and then moving the left to the right and the right to the left. The forward cross is the exact opposite of the rearward cross, bringing the rear tires forward and kitty corner from where they are now, moving the two front tires directly back to the rear of the vehicle. tire_rotation_abc

For rear wheel and four wheel drive vehicles you have two options. You can either do the rearward cross rotation or the x-pattern. The rearward cross takes your front two tires and puts them kitty corner from where they are now, and moves the back two tires directly forward.

Taking your vehicle into a professional to rotate can save you time, energy, and a large headache, and is also a great option if you’re not a do it yourselfer.  If you decide to go this route, what is a reasonable price for this service?

How frequently should you rotate your tires?

Every vehicle is a little different as far as tire rotation goes. If you take a moment and check your car’s owner’s manual it should tell you the recommended mileage completion for tire rotation. This could vary from 3,500 miles to 7,000 miles depending on your car. Some cars or trucks need it sooner because of heavier engines, front wheel or rear wheel drive, or differing braking systems. Ensure your tires are properly inflated to avoid premature and uneven wearing. If you keep your tires well maintained, and properly inflated, the recommendation in your owner’s manual should be fairly accurate. A good rough estimate would be to have them rotated every other oil change, just to ensure even wearing.
How much should you expect to pay?

For this particular service your looking to pay anywhere from 30-35 dollars in most places, which is a fairly reasonable price. Automotive Specialists will conduct this service for only $15.00! You’ll want to be sure to do this regularly, and especially before any road trips you plan to go on in the near future.

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